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the posts could reflect myself, or not.

인스턴트 커피

부엌 찬장에서 병원에서 남은 커피와 녹차를 발견했다.

그때의 그 정서가 가슴을 후벼판다.

엄마의 그 모습. 그 고통. 그 불안감. 그 가족애.

엄마의 죽음 이후로 눈물샘이 미쳤다.

작은 거 하나에도, 심지어 웃을 때도 눈물이 난다.

물론 지금 이 순간에도.

in hazy mist

I saw my mother in a dream last night.
She just did something like I wan’t there. I cried out loud, and at some point held and forced back my tears, seeing my father. Seemed like he didn’t see mother.
I woke up, and saw a clock - 5:25. My father was having a breakfast and saw me woke up. He asked “Am I waking you up?”. I said “No, pop, it’s ok. Why are you having a breakfast so realy?”. “Oh, I need to go to a hospital this morning to get some pills”.
It’s way past midday. But I feel like I’m still in hazy mist. Everything is so unclear and unreal.